SRE Practitioner certification course

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Practitioner courses industry recognized certification online today! Learn the right way to lead and develop enhanced stability for higher business value and excellent reliability of services.

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Course Overview

General Description:

Get Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Practitioner courses industry recognized certification online today! Learn the right way to lead and develop enhanced stability for higher business value and excellent reliability of services. Master knowledge on roles and responsibilities of system maintenance with SRE Certification course.

Key Features : 

  • Advanced AI-Powered interactive online sessions
  • Mentoring from industry-recognized experts
  • Expertise to build fault-tolerant distributed ecosystem
  • Latest certification in automation to develop a better workplace culture

Course Objectives

At the end of this SRE Foundation training and certification, you will be able to

  • Practically implement the learning of SRE culture
  • Implement total observability of distributed plotting, stack, and observational development
  • Master the techniques of delivery approaches of SRE implementation
  • Quantify and optimise risks and consequences of SLOs
  • Dictate the impact of site reliability for your organisation

Course benefits:

  • Establishing intelligent observability and better operational intelligence
  • SRE practitioner creates services for a better organisation’s reliability
  • Developing, monitoring, and running fault-tolerated dispersed eco-system to prevent disaster risks.


Target Audience / Prerequisites

The target audience for the SRE Practitioner course are professionals including:


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Course Duration & Course Schedule Date


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Course Outline

  • Rebranding Ops or DevOps or Dev as SRE​
  • Users notice an issue before you do​
  • Measuring until my Edge​
  • False positives are worse than no alerts​
  • Configuration management trap for snowflakes​
  • The Dogpile: Mob incident response​
  • Point fixing​
  • Production Readiness Gatekeeper​
  • Fail-Safe really?
  • Define SLIs that meaningfully measure the reliability of a service from a user’s perspective​
  • Defining System boundaries in a distributed ecosystem for defining correct SLIs
  • Use error budgets to help your team have better discussions and make better data-driven decisions
  • Overall, Reliability is only as good as the weakest link on your service graph
  • Error thresholds when 3rd party services are used
  • SRE and their role in Building Secure and Reliable systems​
  • Design for Changing Architecture​
  • Fault tolerant Design​
  • Design for Security​
  • Design for Resiliency​
  • Design for Scalability
  • Design for Performance
  • Design for Reliability
  • Ensuring Data Security and Privacy
  • Modern Apps are Complex & Unpredictable​
  • Slow is the new down​
  • Pillars of Observability​
  • Implementing Synthetic and End user monitoring
  • Observability driven development
  • Distributed Tracing
  • What happens to Monitoring?
  • Instrumenting using Libraries an Agents
  • Taking a Platform Centric View solves Organisational scalability challenges such as fragmentation, inconsistency and unpredictability.
  • How do you use AIOps to improve Resiliency
  • How can DataOps help you in the journey
  • A simple recipe to implement AIOps
  • Indicative measurement of AIOps
  • SRE Key Responsibilities towards incident response​
  • DevOps & SRE and ITIL​
  • OODA and SRE Incident Response​
  • Closed Loop Remediation and the Advantages​
  • Swarming – Food for Thought

AI/ML for better incident management

  • Navigating Complexity
  • Chaos Engineering Defined
  • Quick Facts about Chaos Engineering
  • Chaos Monkey Origin Story
  • Who is adopting Chaos Engineering
  • Myths of Chaos
  • Chaos Engineering Experiments
  • GameDay Exercises
  • Security Chaos Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering Resources
  • Key Principles of SRE​
  • SREs help increase Reliability across the product spectrum​
  • Metrics for Success​
  • Selection of Target areas
  • SRE Execution Model​
  • Culture and Behavioral Skills are key​
  • SRE Case study


Shaik Abdullah (Visteon)
Read More
Overall experience is very good. Guidelines given by trainers were excellent. It is well designed course with practical orientation
Lipsa Tripathy (Mindtree Ltd)
Read More
All of the trainers were excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable and created positive learning environments.
Rajeev (CSC India Pvt)
Read More
I thoroughly enjoyed this training. The tutor's attitude was exemplary. He displayed a good knowledge of the subject and built up a rapport with the attendees in no time.
Priyanka Mishra (GI)
Read More
This place is great for doing corporate training- a central location and well equipped. Good facilities for lunch and with good travel links - an ideal venue
Sourav (Mindtree Ltd)
Read More
Very well organised and implemented. A lot of lessons learned. The training was commendable and the trainers were also professional. Overall a good experience.

Job Opportunities

SRE Practitioner


The roadmap is to master the organizational principles to economically upscale the critical services. The SRE certification is a standalone certification specifically designed for prospective and experienced site engineers.

Site Reliability Engineering is one of the hottest jobs in the current IT industry. In 2019, LinkedIn said SRE is one of the most promising careers with a median salary of $200,000.

Typically, SRE is a software engineering approach for IT domains. A production support engineer generally aims to maintain the applications in Production, accessible for the end-users.

SRE-certified professionals are responsible for checking the smooth functioning of the underlying infrastructure of the organisation, with the right tools to apply for critical services.

As an SRE-certified professional, you will carry out the production systems smoothly. So, you will need a brief understanding of writing codes and building them from scratch.

SRE Practitioner certification course

Feb 25, 26 and 27 – 2022,

From 9:00 am To 3:00 pm IST,

Live Online,

24 hours ( 3 days )


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